Couples Therapy

How does Couple's Therapy work?

couples therapy in turlock

Couple's therapy works best when each partner comes prepared to examine their own role in the difficulties in their relationship with the other. The problems that have evolved in a relationship are almost always co-created, or at least co-maintained. It is also helpful to recognize that there have been many influences on the relationship that have evolved, some of them unconscious, some of them left over from family of origin, others may be cultural.

couples therapy

In couple's work we create together a space that allows us to hear and work through the hurts and conflicts that often recycle in the relationship with respect, non-judgment and gentle curiosity. I have found it very helpful to utilize the Imago system, developed by Harville Hendrix, and the concepts developed by David Ricco (resources listed below). Together we will establish a skill set that promotes the capacity to hear the other's concerns and move toward resolution and deeper connection and intimacy. If you download the initial paperwork from my website, please complete with the names of both partners. .

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