Individual Psychotherapy

individual therapy in turlock

In our fast-paced, externally-focused culture, there are few opportunities for reflective examination of our life, the patterns it has taken on, the conflicts we find keep showing up, the urges toward growth we don't know how to satisfy. Psychotherapy offers such a possibility. It is a unique endeavor in which together we work to understand the particular landscape of our lives--the external markers and circumstances, but also the deep foundations of the life that dwell within, our interior self.

individual therapy

Successful psychotherapy begins exactly where you are in your life now and unfolds within a context of collaboration, partnership and trust. The work evolves out of an attitude of respect, non-judgment and gentle curiosity toward your deepest self. Whatever seems out of kilter in your life we come to understand as a message that needs our attention. By listening carefully together to the conflicts and beliefs, both conscious and unconscious, that constrict you, space is opened up for your fullest self to emerge from within. I utilize dreams, active imagination, and mindfulness practices as methods for hearing the psyche's suffering and it's reaching toward healing and wholeness.

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